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The family energy storage series is DET POWER The solution of cabinet type battery energy storage system developed by power company has integrated energy storage battery with large expansion capacity, small space, convenient movement and information visibility.

The cabinet type integrated battery can output battery of each module stably through BMS equalizer, which makes the battery life longer.

LiFePO4 battery produced by our company has high temperature resistance, large capacity range, light weight and light weight The technology features of pollution-free, rapid development, and are welcomed by users.

It is the first choice for high demand storage battery solution

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Long cycle life and 5000 cycles

Lithium iron phosphate high stability cell, heat out of control, no fire

Multi layer BMS system ensures the reliability of lithium battery layer by layer

Efficient early warning, over temperature early warning report, ensure safety


High energy density, saving 70% floor area compared with lead acid

Intelligent battery management system saves 80% of daily operation and maintenance costs

DET Rack battery@400


Active current sharing technology supports the mixing of new and old batteries, and the capacity expansion is simple

Intelligent voltage sharing control, support the number of lithium module differentiation and hybrid

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  • DET  LifePO4 Home Energy Storage Series

    Model/ Parameters





    Normal Voltage [V] 48/51.2 48/51.2 48/51.2 48/51.2
    Normal Capacity [Ah] 600 800 900 1200
    Operating Voltage [V] 45~56 45~56 45~56 45~56
    Rated energy [kWh] 28 38.4 43.2 57.6
    Battery Type Li-on(LFP) Li-on(LFP) Li-on(LFP) Li-on(LFP)
    Ah Efficiency [%] 99.5 99.5 99.5 99.5
    Wh Efficiency [%] 96 96 96 96
    Standard Power [kW] 28 38.4 43.2 57.6
    Recommended Charging current [A] 30 50 50 50
    Maximum Discharging current [A] 600 800 900 1200
    Dimension(L*W*H) [mm] 800*650*750 800*650*980 800*650*1200 800*650*1500
    Weight [Kg]   45 53 89
    Battery to Inverter RS485/CAN 2.0 RS485/CAN 2.0 RS485/CAN 2.0 RS485/CAN 2.0
    Battery to Battery/BMS RS485 RS485 RS485 RS485
    WIFI Application Optional Optional Optional Optional
    Capacity Indicator 4LED and Central display (Intelligent Display)
    Switch ON/OFF  In Cabinet In Cabinet In Cabinet In Cabinet
    Operating Temperature [℃] -10 to 55 -10 to 55 -10 to 55 -10 to 55
    Relative Humidity [%] 5 to 95 5 to 95 5 to 95 5 to 95
    Altitude [m] Below 2000 Below 2000 Below 2000 Below 2000
    Cycle Life [80% DOD] > 5000 Cycles > 5000 Cycles > 5000 Cycles > 5000 Cycles
    Parallel Connection Max.64pcs Max.64pcs Max.64pcs Max.64pcs
    Warranty [Year] 5~8 5~8 5~8 5~8

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