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The battery energy storage system (BESS) containers are based on a modular design. They can be configured to match the required power and capacity requirements of client’s application. The battery energy storage systems are based on standard sea freight containers starting from kW/kWh (single container) up to MW/MWh (combining multiple containers). The containerised energy storage system allows fast installation, safe operation and controlled environmental conditions.

The energy storage system (BESS) containers are designed for neighbourhoods, public buildings, medium to large businesses and utility scale storage systems, weak- or off-grid, e-mobility or as backup systems. The energy storage system containers make it possible to store the energy produced by photovoltaics, wind turbines, or CHP. Due to its high cycle lifetime, The energy storage system containers are also used for peak-shaving, thereby reducing the electricity bill.

Our containerised energy storage system (BESS) is the perfect solution for large-scale energy storage projects. The energy storage containers can be used in the integration of various storage technologies and for different purposes.

  • Brand: DET Or OEM
  • Certification: ISO,CE,MSDS,UN38.3,MEA,
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    Our company 1Mwh / 2Mwh battery system has the following parameters:
    1) According to the system load requirements of no less than 1MW / 2mwh devices in a prefabricated energy storage cabin, this energy storage system project uses a 1MW PCs in a prefabricated cabin to manage an energy storage battery stack.
    2) Each stack consists of 1 PCS and 13pcs battery clusters in parallel, and is equipped with a battery management system. Each battery cluster consists of a battery cluster management unit and 15pcs battery string management units (16 string BMU).
    3) A set of container system is equipped with 1 set of 1MW PCs; the battery capacity is 2.047mwh, including 3120pcs batteries in total and 240pcs batteries in each cluster.
    4) One battery box is composed of 16 single 205ah cells in series, and one cluster is composed of 15 battery boxes in series, which is called 240s1p battery cluster, namely 768v205ah;
    5) One set of containers is composed of 13 clusters of 240s1p batteries in parallel,  namely 2.047mwh.


    Small power generation
    Plant standby power supply
    Move power generation
    Large venue

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  • Technical parameter


    Rated voltage(V) 768 7
    Rated capacity(AH) 205*13
    Total power(KWh) 157.44*13
    Total weight(KG) 19682+8000(estimate)
    Energy density(KWh/KG) 73.9
    Battery group mode 240S 1P@13 Group
    Battery pack discharge voltage range(V) 600-864
    Rated discharge current(A) 100*13
    Rated charging current(A) 100*13
    Operating temperature range(℃) Charge 0~55℃,Discharge-20~55℃,
    Recommended SOC scope of work 35-85%
    Long time shelving power requirement 40%~70%
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