The new energy sector has been recognized by the capital since last year, and the whole industry chain has experienced an unprecedented surge. From the downstream new energy vehicles, such as Tesla, BYD, Weilai, etc., to the midstream new energy batteries, such as Ningde times, Yiwei lithium energy, Enjie shares, etc., to the upstream lithium and cobalt resources, such as Ganfeng lithium, Tianqi lithium, Huayou cobalt, etc., all of which are constantly increased by funds due to the high prosperity of new energy.

Since last year, the growth rate of new energy related companies has been 10 times higher and 3-5 times lower. Many companies are at a “high level” and their valuations are not cheap. However, after the Spring Festival adjustment, the new energy battery sector rebounded again, taking the lead in approaching a new high. Many investors are afraid to catch up with the new energy sector and miss it. Whether the new energy battery is worth investment or not has become the biggest question in everyone’s heart.

New energy is a very rare opportunity for China. In the past, China has been catching up in many fields, but this time China has not lost at the starting line, and it is very likely to lead the development of global new energy in the future.

The enthusiasm for new energy in foreign countries is not lower than that in China. On May 26 this year, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee passed a bill to increase the amount of electric vehicle tax credit and expand its scope of application. After Biden was elected, the U.S. government continued to promote the development of the electric vehicle industry, and even the president himself went to Ford to bring the goods, which shows the degree of attention.

The seven European countries (Germany, France, Britain, Norway, Sweden, Italy and Spain) also recognize the future development trend of new energy. In 2020, the sales volume of electric vehicles in the seven European countries will increase by 164% year on year, announcing the arrival of the new energy era with practical actions.

From the perspective of the current environment, new energy is basically echoing, getting the highest level of attention and support in the world, which is also the fundamental reason for the rise of new energy industry chain in recent years.

At present, new energy has become the general trend. The development of domestic new energy vehicles has changed from subsidy driven to market driven, and the sales structure has been optimized; The European subsidy policy will continue to work, and the high growth mode will continue with the increase of abundant supply; Biden came to power in the United States with more active policies. The policy side has raised new energy to a new height, and the release of production capacity is only a matter of time.

Of course, what we are most concerned about is whether it is worth involving in new energy batteries at this time. Judging from the development trend in the next 5-10 years, it is still worth intervening at this time, but companies whose valuation and growth do not match should avoid it.

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Post time: May-31-2021
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