Hydrogen batteries with lithium batteries

Product features:

Hydrogen fuel cells are environmentally friendly. It is achieved through electrochemical reactions rather than combustion (gasoline, diesel) or energy storage (batteries) – the most typical traditional backup power solution. Combustion releases pollutants such as COx, NOx, SOx gases, and dust. As mentioned above, fuel cells only produce water and heat. If hydrogen is generated through renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels and wind power generation, the entire cycle is a process that completely eliminates the emission of harmful substances.
No noise
Hydrogen fuel cells operate quietly, with a noise level of only about 55dB, equivalent to the level of normal human conversation. This makes fuel cells suitable for indoor installation or in areas with limited noise outdoors.
high efficiency
The power generation efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells can reach over 50%, which is determined by the conversion properties of fuel cells. Chemical energy is directly converted into electrical energy without the need for intermediate conversion between thermal and mechanical energy (generators).

Post time: Mar-06-2024
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