DET-50kw-120kwh-ESS outdoor cabinet

Battery System

This system mainly realizes functions such as peak power consumption, demand control, power distribution capacity increase, backup power supply, and new energy consumption. The battery is 120kwh, using multiple battery modules in series and equipped with multi-level BMS control racks, effectively ensuring the safe and stable operation of the battery

Inverter System (PCS)
In the energy storage system constructed in this scheme, in addition to the bidirectional inverter function, the energy storage converter can also support the power grid, ensure the stable operation of the power grid system, provide short-term impact resistance, smooth power supply, energy storage, and peak shaving and valley filling.

Canmera System

Through the internet and cameras, the working status of the energy storage system can be queried at any time, as well as the security protection of the energy storage system,

Fire protection system
The battery room adopts a cabinet type heptafluoropropane fire extinguisher to ensure that the entire battery room is filled with gas within 8 seconds, effectively extinguishing the fire, and is equipped with an audible and visual alarm system and gas discharge indicator light.
Considering that the protection of the electrical cabinet is relatively complete, with complete overheating protection, short circuit protection, etc., a fire is a very extreme working condition, and there is a smoke sensor. Once an alarm signal is detected and the system shuts down, a dry powder fire extinguisher can be used as a backup for extinguishing the fire here.

Post time: May-07-2023
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