Short Description:

Det power VRLA battery rack is durable and easy to install.

Designed for most types of battery terminal models, these racks are suitable for a variety of applications.

These can be installed in combination with more VRLA battery racks with custom rack sizes.

Product Detail



Technical features:

2~3 Layers Metal Car UPS Industrial Battery Storage Retail Display Rack

Compact, flexibly designed easily assembled cabinet, ideal for Long backup UPS or other facilities requiring battery backup systems.

Key Features

●Easy assembly cabinet ready to serve your operations;

●Comes in compact packaging;

●Complies with industry standards heavy duty assembly cabinets requirements;

●Heavy duty tube steel bars and cold rolled steel sheet construction;

●Electrostatic paint spraying;

Benefits Flexible

● 1 to 6 tier models available, no. of batteries per tier is flexible.

● Configurable in systems from 48V-480V or higher.


● High-quality construction guarantees longer life.

● Heavy duty acid-resistant coating is chip proof.

● Confidently deploy your network in any region with enclosures that meet a wide variety of international standards and operate in harsh environmental conditions.

Temperature Control

● The door mounted Industrial integrated air-condition saves space and provide heat in cool regions and AC cooling in hot regions;


● Telecommunications- Private Branch Exchange (PBX)- Fiber Optic & Microwave sites

- Outside Plant Facilities

● Switchgear & Control

- Portable Battery Trailers for Substation Battery Testing   

- Monitoring & Control Systems

● UPS- Data Centers- Industrial Process Control Facilities

- Emergency 911 Response Centers

- Air Traffic Control Centers

● Renewable Energy

- Remote/Hybrid Sites

- Communications

- Off-Grid/Solar


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