Event: since January 2020, the State Grid comprehensive energy service group Co., Ltd. under the State Grid
Combined with Ningde times, it has successively established energy storage joint ventures in Xinjiang and Fujian.
After calculation, only the grid side and “optical charging and storage” energy storage demand within the business scope covered by the State Grid are considered,
The newly added scale is about 0.83gwh in 2020 and 13.58gwh in 2024, which can drive the development of 2020
The investment in battery system and energy storage power station is about 1 billion yuan and 1.66 billion yuan respectively, which can be reached in 2024
16.3 billion yuan, 27.16 billion yuan.
 complementary advantages: the State Grid holds massive infrastructure and data, and Ningde times holds the core of energy storage battery
Heart advantage. At present, the State Grid Corporation of China occupies a monopoly position on the power grid side. In 2019, the State Grid Substation Equipment
The capacity accounts for 70.16% of the total domestic capacity, with a significant leading position in the industry. Ningde times is a power battery
Leading, the energy storage battery business can share its advantages in the field of power batteries. In recent years, the company’s energy storage
Outstanding business achievements. The cooperation between the two companies is expected to form a strong competitiveness in the field of grid side energy storage.
 value of electrochemical energy storage: the highest quality flexible resources, high demand certainty and diverse business models,
From the specific energy storage applications covered by this cooperation:
 grid side energy storage: the installed capacity has great potential and the joint venture focuses on development. The energy storage at the grid side is provided separately
For auxiliary services, it can also be combined with nearby new energy power generation to improve new energy consumption and power consumption
Power auxiliary services mainly include peak shaving, frequency modulation, standby, etc. to ensure the safety and stability of the power system
Run and obtain ancillary service income at the same time.  “optical charging and storage” integrated supporting energy storage has a promising prospect. Two profit models: peak valley spread arbitrage+
Reduce capacity and electricity costs. China implements “capacity electricity charge + electricity consumption” for large-capacity industrial and commercial electricity
In the “electricity charge” mode, the energy storage is configured. On the one hand, the energy storage is used to charge at the low electricity price and reduce the peak electricity price
When the electricity price is discharged, the electricity charge can be reduced. On the other hand, due to the peak power consumption period of the power load
The general time is very short. The capacity electricity charge can be reduced by configuring the “peak period” to reduce the power load



Post time: Jul-29-2021
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