• DET power VRLA battery(AGM & Gel)

    DET power VRLA battery(AGM & Gel)

    DET Power  Valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery is also called “maintenance free battery”.

    Special sealed epoxy resin, groove shell and cover structure, as well as long sealing path for terminal and connector are adopted to ensure that the valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery has excellent leakage resistance, and the specific life is long (up to 1200 times), sufficient capacity, good conductivity and wide range of temperature, It is widely used in all walks of life.

  • VRLA Assembly Indoor Cabinet Solution

    VRLA Assembly Indoor Cabinet Solution

    DET VRLA battery assembly cabinets are very durable, and easy to install.

    Engineered for use with most type of battery terminal models, these cabinets can fit a wide variety of applications.

    This solution is completely customizable and flexible to support your application requirement.

    Brand: DET


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